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Reproduction of 1943 'The McCall Sewing Corps' Series of Lessons Booklets (Reproduction)

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Re-print of 1943 'The McCall Sewing Corps' Series of Lessons Booklets (Reproduction)

This is a re-print of a series of six complete lessons originally circulated by The McCall Pattern Co. in 1943 for tailoring and dressmaking.

The original series from which this re-print was made had been available at Lazarus Department Store in downtown Columbus, Ohio. That is a store my grandmother took me to for school clothes shopping!

Some lessons in this series make reference to Dressmaking Made Easy by page numbers so between the two booklets you can get the most detailed how-to cited (although it is not a must to have both booklets),

In this series, you will learn how to:

~Plan your sewing, taking measurements with a fillable chart and adjust pattern pieces for different figures. 
~Properly cut fabrics.
~Construction for different garment types.
~Troubleshoot fitting and correct 'figure faults'. 
~Garment Finishing
~Installing a tailored lining

There are a total of 38 pages among the 6 sets of booklets loaded with information!


8-1/2" x 11"

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