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About EvaDress

I offer over 450 reproductions of patterns from the 1860's through the 1950's that are in public domain.  Original vintage patterns are also available. 
The selection constantly grows as additional patterns are added to the collections throughout the year.
I also offer some patterns of my own design based on fashions of days gone by.

All of my patterns are full size on 18-lb translucent bond paper and in stock as I print them on demand.   This bond paper is sturdy enough that it doesn't tear like pattern tissue, yet it is light enough to see and cut through easily. 

I make these patterns available to ensure that the flattering lines and elegance of historical fashions do not fall the wayside.

I was heavily influenced by my father's parents to whom I was very close.  They are part of a long family line of independent business owners who raised my father and my uncle during The Depression years.  They did so with unwavering family values despite their economic hardships and despite those hardships, they each wore fabulous clothes!

I solely run this business (named in honor of my youngest daughter) with the same heartfelt values my grandparents upheld throughout their business and family lives.  I have very much enjoyed working with the patterns for over 20 years and I hope they bring you as much joy.