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Business & Shipping Policies

 ~Pattern format:

Each pattern is generated from a line-for-line draft of the original antique pattern pieces for the most accurate results in marking and size. The patterns are printed in black-line on lightweight translucent bond paper for durability and semi-transparent quality.
Translucency is critical when laying pattern pieces on fabric with prints or lines. All illustrated and printed material that accompanied the original vintage pattern is reproduced and included with the patterns unless otherwise noted.

You will see in each pattern description that some patterns are hand-drafted prints (most of the single-size collection) while other are digitally drafted.  When I first began my online pattern shop in 2000, I offered hand-traced reproductions from originals in singe sizes.  

In 2006, I began making multiple-size patterns using the digital software still in my use today.  These are the digitally drafted patterns available all through the multi-size collections while you will see, a few single size patterns have also been digitally drafted, as noted.

Click for an image of what a multi-size pattern looks like.

All patterns are complete with instructions and envelope art unless otherwise noted in the description. Per industry standard, patterns are NOT returnable.

A Word on Seam Allowances: Until the late 1950’s, the amount of seam allowance given on a pattern varied between pattern makers from 3/8” to 5/8”.  All seam allowances are clearly marked on the patterns.

~Methods of Payment:

VISA, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, PayPal, JCB, Diner's Club, Checks and Money Orders issued in U.S. funds are accepted.  All checks from first-time customers are allowed 7 business days to clear before orders are shipped.

You may place your credit card order securely on the web site, or via postal service from a downloadable form from the homepage.

Mail payments to: 

EvaDress P.O. Box 12511 Glendale, AZ 85318, U.S.A. 

~Shipping Policies:

Orders are shipped via U.S. Postal Service. Please advise if you wish to have other shipping arrangements made. Depending on weight, a single pattern ships for $2.75 via first class to $8.25 via priority mail. Shipping costs are calculated at the time of order. I welcome international buyers. 

Order ship each Tuesday and Friday, the cut-off being noon EST the previous day.

~Tips about using this site:

On each pattern page, you will see a .jpg image of the yardage chart when available to help you shop for fabric or notions.

~Pattern Policy:
EVERY PATTERN I SELL IS FOR INDIVIDUAL USE ONLY!  One is not permitted to buy patterns to produce garments to sell to others nor is one permitted to reproduce my patterns for any reason!  This is an industry standard and I will enforce my rights against any such infringement.
One is permitted to purchase a pattern and have it sent to a personal dressmaker or tailor in order for that professional to create the garment.

On this note, the owner of Silk Poppy made her patterns available through me (in the collections they are noted as such).  When she closed her business down in 2004, she wished her patterns to remain available to those interested.

Prices are subject to change without notice.
Per industry standard, patterns are NOT returnable.
Contact me about wholesale terms on my patterns.

~Pattern Sizes:

Unless noted otherwise, vintage patterns are based on a different set of measurements than today's pattern standards.  Refer to this page to see the breakdown of pattern sizes for bust, waist and hip measurements so you will know what vintage pattern size to buy.
Many multi-size patterns may not include a size you are looking for.  This is because as I have begun multi-sizing patterns, I have done my best to adhere to the original range of sizes in which the pattern was first manufactured.  

PATTERN NOT IN YOUR SIZE? Upon request, I am happy to furnish an additional schematic showing where to adjust the pattern pieces with instructions on how to re-size the pattern.

~About the print catalogue:

The pattern collection may also be viewed in the 28-page color print catalogue which may be ordered online by clicking here or by mail for $10 in the U.S. or $15 overseas (shipping and handling is included in these prices).  The catalogue price will be deducted from your first pattern order! 
I do not yet have an affordable way to include yardage information for each pattern in the print catalogue.  You are welcome to look it up online (via .jpg image each pattern's page), e-mail or call and ask for this information.

Click here for the pattern of the design featured in the EvaDress logo banner.