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Fitting 40's Submissions re-cap

Alexandra Reynolds

You saw that the finalist in this challenge sewed her suit around a few 'found objects' such as her grandmother's buttons, shoes and a hat.  Well, another submission was also based on meaningful found objects.

Selene put emphasis on a no-longer-functioning enamel buckle by making it into a center piece in the front of her gown, nearly as a dress clip!  She used vintage glass buttons to close the gown.  

She was also otherwise successful in creating a dramatic (yet historical) effect in using the right and wrong side of the fashion fabric for contrast!  She chose the color based on a splendid pair of vintage platform shoes.

She too, created an atmosphere in her submission with what I read to be 'noir shadows' cast on the wall as she modeled her gown for photos!

I very much like how beautiful she did her hair to complete the look.  SO flattering to her!

Also sewing in the 'around found objects' theme, Robin also made use of vintage buttons in her two-piece ensemble.  I felt the lines of this jacket and trouser set really flattered her figure:


Robin has a knack for choosing contemporary fabrics which look and give a feel of vintage; in this case, a printed linen which proves challenging to finish in seams.  


She also nailed a great way to accessorize her hair with the tied scarf!

Morgan Elizabeth brought a different flair to the challenge with not found objects, but those she made.

Morgan painstakingly hand-sewed a beaded embellishment to wrap part of the neckline on her silk dress and tied the look together by dotting each armseye with metal beads to compliment those in the neckline piece she created.

She really altered the pattern well for a great fit and I read a dark element in her work that I personally admire!


 I had Emily Stringham of Emily's Vintage Visions guest-critique the entries and I very much appreciate having her on and we both very much appreciated these great entries!



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