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An EvaDress 'Advents-Kalendar' of RED! Day 16

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In a sort of Advents-Kalendar way, I will post 'red' for each day of December through Christmas and link the image as closely as possible to EvaDress Patterns (in pattern tour form)!
Here is the sixteenth, a 1920's Robe de Style Dress, per:
1920's Robe de Style Dress
Sew the look using our Robe de Style pattern originally by Butterick:
1920's Robe de Style Pattern, originally by Butterick
I chose the extant example above not only because it is red, but also because its transparency demonstrates a simple panier structure similar to that under the skirt of this Butterick pattern I have drafted to multiple sizes.
I issued this pattern in anticipation of my 'It's the 20's Again' EvaDress Pattern Challenge.  I recently received the first completed submission for that challenge which is the Robe de Style by a customer in Florida:
1920's Robe de Style Dress1920's Robe de Style Dress
Known for its full, dropped waist skirt at a time of popular straight-cut dresses, this Robe de Style pattern comes with pieces and instructions to make the paniers (to go under the dress), the bows and fabric flowers and leaves for embellishment. 
Detail inside panier constructionDetail, embellishment motif

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