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An EvaDress 'Advents-Kalendar' of RED! Day 22

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In a sort of Advents-Kalendar way, I will post 'red' for each day of December through Christmas and link the image as closely as possible to EvaDress Patterns (in pattern tour form) available in the shop!
Here is the twenty-second, not unlike an ornate light display per:
1910 Evening Dress
Sew the look using our 1910 Embroidered Tunic Overlay pattern:
1910 Embroidered Tunic Pattern
This is a 3-piece hand-drafted pattern for the tunic only-the dress underneath is NOT included.  Wear this one over you favorite dress or blouse and skirt of plain lines.  The pattern includes motif to be (non-iron) transferred to fabric.  The embroidery motif in this pattern could be used to do beading instead of stitching. 

Best for advanced skill level as the instructions are not illustrated and very basic.  Cutting layouts are provided.  3/8" seams are allowed.

Below is a finished piece a customer in Australia made, using her own idea of embroidery on the tunic bodice, as opposed to the given motif:

 1910 Embroidered Tunic

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