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Apr. 17 - Apr. 21 The Week in Patterning - 72, Pattern Tour; E20-5941

Alexandra Reynolds 1920's 1929 E20-5941 evening formal frock gown Pattern Tour The Week in Patterning Storyboard

Think of the ever popular 1929 Evening Gown with Handkerchief Hem as origami in dressmaking.

Kerry Ann

When sewing this design together, you will 'flip' the Lower Back and Side piece after joining it with the Front piece at notch '4'.  This ensures the piece will fold and drape to create sharp points in the hem as well as bring notch '6' in the upper edge of the Lower Back and Side piece to align with that on the Girdle.  Hopefully this paper mock-up demonstrates the point (pun intended):

 1/4 paper mock-up

Here is a creative twist put on this design as sewn by a customer for Halloween:


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  • EvaDress on


    A very belated response to your post earlier this year. The idea of the weight that is hung at the center front of the neckline is meant to remedy an issue as the one you describe.
    Otherwise, it sounds as though you shortened the length of the upper bodice between the bust and the shoulder seam to alleviate the problem, is that correct?
    A contemporary remedy would be to use fashion tape to adhere the under-side of the shoulder straps to your shoulders, if desired.

  • patricia on

    I have propblesm with this neckline falling off my shoulders. I made it in a polyester chiffon as it looked on the pattern. The points dropped so much that until I shorten the points I am not able to wear it. Do you have any ideas to stop the cowl falling?

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