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Dec. 12 - Dec. 16 The Week in Patterning - 53, Developing a Raven

Alexandra Reynolds 1930's costume crinoline EvaDress Patterns faux fur raven The Week in Patterning Storyboard Vintage Patterns 18th Century-esque raven, that is.  Actually, a costume pattern from the 30's as a retrospective on a crinoline costume per The DuBarry Pattern Co.

I modified this design to come up with a raven costume and now it is in the finishing stretch!

Just a few 'teaser' (throwback process) photos until I have it all together and share it for The New Year!

I plan to make the pattern available in multi-sizes in 2017.




(Funny enough, my muse perched atop a pine outside my window and 'sang' as I worked up the costume!)



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  • Xandra on

    Hi Harriet and thank you for your question!

    I used rayon faux fur for the over dress and the petticoat underneath (yet to be revealed!) is silk taffeta. The feathers came from Decorating Studio:

  • Harriet on

    So Gorgeous! What type of fabric was used for the dress? So lustrous! Can the feathers be sourced today? Thank you.

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