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Mar. 6 - Mar. 10 The Week in Patterning - 65, EvaDress E-Patterns!

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After a long time of not being happy with the options I had in making E-Patterns available, I have finally cracked it!

Using Adobe Acrobat Reader DC is key.  I wrote the recommendation of using it into the instructions accompanying each of my E-Patterns whether you go about printing yourself at home or having the pattern printing by a professional.

You will find my E-Patterns from the 'Catalogue' pull down at the top bar of my site.  I have started out with some of the bigger sellers and am adding more nearly each day!

By all means, if there is something you cannot wait for in E-Pattern format, drop me a line and I will add it.


E-Patterns should (but are not guaranteed to) save you from shipping costs and shipping time.

I also recommend using lightweight paper whether in letter (A4) or large format size for translucency and ease of cutting.



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  • Kate on

    Speaking as an antipodean, this is brilliant news! I didn’t know you’d started doing e-patterns.

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