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Nov. 7 - Nov. 11 The Week in Patterning - 48, Pattern Tour 1946 Dress with Cutouts

Alexandra Reynolds 1940's cut-outs D40-4185 D40-6659 dress EvaDress Patterns McCall 6659 The Week in Patterning Storyboard Vintage Patterns

Provided McCall came out with this design (6659 in 1946) first, the pattern in my previous post (below) could have been Butterick's answer to the dress with cut-out details at the shoulder.

McCall 6659

Butterick 4185

As in Butterick's design, the McCall has geometric cut outs along the shoulder line but in non-shirred manner which draws attention to the face and this one nicely frames the neck with strappy V-neck appeal!  

6659 line drawing w/options

The cut-outs are faced for crisp, sturdy corners:

Faced cut outs

Between the two designs, it may be curious how the draped short sleeve is so similar and the tendency to break up the mass of a front two-piece skirt are optional drapes which cascade from the natural waistline to the bottom of each side seam, recalls famous designers such as Ceil Chapman or Balmain.

draped tulip sleeve

skirt drapes

Cut this gown long to the ankles and carry those drapes along the additional length in very light fabric-lengthen the slashed opening at center front and you have a spectacular evening or cocktail gown!

This is another design I currently offer in single size (bust 34" or 36").  I am interested to know from you if this is one I should make available in a range of sizes?!

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