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Oct. 10 - Oct. 14 The Week in Patterning - 43, Pattern Tour

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In constant effort to keep pattern prices down, I eliminated two of the 16 pieces this original McCall pattern had.  Since the long and short sleeve pieces were identically shaped, I  superimposed the two sleeve styles so my version has 14 pieces (thus, reducing paper and ink cost).

For as much wearing ease in this style, McCall did some clever moves to shape and fit the design in an overall flattering manner.  Using a curved shoulder yoke piece at the front allows soft gathering of the bodice front over the bust.  The omission of darts keeps the kimono style very clean and pronounces the detail of long, sweeping sleeve seams from waistline to shoulder.  Shoulder pad pieces are provided to carry the shoulder line out in 40's style, if desired. 

The curve of the front shoulder yoke is brilliantly recalled at the lower waist back where again, soft gathers are used to shape the back of the skirt to the back waist, fitting it down for a very slimming effect. 

The negligée closes with a small strap at the inside waistline and two tie belts inserted at side seams to tie in front.

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