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Pattern Tour, 1940's Two-Piece Suit Dress and Blouse, SE40-1519

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This is a 16-piece pattern originally by Hollywood (1519).  I offer it as the three-piece ensemble or just the blouse, as a separate in size:

Set A fitting 14-20 (32" to 38" bust, 27" to 32" waist, 35" to 41" hip) or,

Set B fitting 40-46 (40" to 46" bust, 34" to 40" waist, 43" to 49" hip).

1940's Two-Piece Suit Dress & Blouse1940's Key Hole Blouse

Linda Przybyszewski has presented the concept of framing the face with flattering necklines in vintage designs (be sure to pick up her book, The Lost Art of Dress, Basic Books).  This kimono blouse is cut rather long and when it is worn under the jacket, its key-hole neck line tied at the front gives the clever effect of a ladies' bow tie under the jacket!  As well, the outside stitched darts lend another layer of dimension and draw attention to the face.

I think of the jacket as 'easy'.  By that I mean it is very leisurely with revers, but no collar, yet those revers really set off the bow-tied blouse when worn together!  This fitted jacket has inverted darts which culminate into pocket flap (they are not functioning pockets) on each side of the front.

1519 detail

For a little more technicality featuring this pattern, see my blog post, 'Perforation meaning' here.

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