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Jan. 23 - Jan. 27 The Week in Patterning - 59, Pattern Tour, E30-6298

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It is a joy to come across an extant example originally made from a pattern I have reproduced to offer in my collection!  This example was posted on OMG that dress! (from Kerry Taylor Auctions) in 2013:

from OMG that dress! on Tumblr

The pattern dates to 1930 and was originally by McCall.  It is the evening gown pattern E30-6298.  I added it to my collection in early 2008:

This is a slip-on gown (that is, no side placket to hook or snap) with only an opening at the left hip which is closed via the side-tie (and it works!).  The hem is uneven with a little 'pooling' at the left side.  Asymmetry abounds additionally with the diagonal seams oriented down from left to right (at front) and in the separate shoulder strap placed at the left side - very dynamic!

There is a great deal of ease in the hip and waist portions of this design, so the bodice 'blouses', looking saggy on the dress form (even in my lined, silk charmeuse version) yet, when all that bias is 'filled' with the human body, it fits sensationally!

photo: Cynthia DeGrand

 I disclaim that this is a pattern for the more advanced sewer due to the lack of illustrated instructions and tricky diagonal seams.  As well, the seam allowance given (as with McCall patterns of this time) is only 3/8"; not what one is used to against sewing from contemporary patterns.

Another note: Being that I am a 'clean cut' or 'clean sewn' girl, I did not sew the seams originally prescribed in a lapped manner.  Rather, I sewed the gown pieces together via regular seams.  Some reinforcement may be necessary given the fabric you use in that case.

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