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Jan. 16 - Jan. 20 The Week in Patterning - 58, Final Raven costuming project photos!

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To wrap up my 'Raven Takes Flight this Year' series, shots of the final ensemble with each layer revealed.

The panniers I created following The Dreamstress's pannier-along:

The silk petticoat I pleated to show under the skirt (too large to fit the dress form well, but the idea is there.  the original 1930's pattern from which this is based has you gather the over skirt and this 'under skirt'.  I will likely stick to the original instructions when I multi-size the pattern and leave such modifications to the maker.


I have another petticoat to construct as this one (yet to be trimmed at the hem with pleats, as shown) is so light it looses too much body over the panniers and under the heavy raven skirt.  A note on that skirt, by the way: I used what I had on hand at the time I began experimenting with this costume.  This is a rayon faux fur which has a great finish for my intent, yet not soooo practical to wear in this way.  It is do-able, yet heavier than I wish (as you see the panniers dipping a little).

In future, I intend to replace it knowing the black between the bodice and what I may find will be difficult to match.  In comparing the original 1930's inspiration pattern, I have additional length at the skirt front and back for retrousse mode.

I made the bodice removable to wear with jeans or the like for not-so-costume-y times, but more on that later.



(click these last 3 images for larger view)

In my version of the pattern, I will instruct for wearing the over skirt retrousse!



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