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Jan. 9 - Jan. 13 The Week in Patterning - 57, Christmas in January!

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Well not exactly Christmas, but it can feel a little that way when I receive patterns from some generous person who offers vintage pattern styles to make available via my services.

These are four of many AMAZING patterns in Alyssa's collection (see her here at VintageorBust).

A little run down on why I chose each one (click images for a larger view):

Knowing I want to fill in my 1920's offerings (pre-1929) I asked for this 1928 McCall.


I saw in this one an opportunity for flattering and interesting lines packaged in a simple sheath style great for any sewing level.  Pattern has 10 pieces.  The shoulder jabot and sleeve flounce is optional.


What's not to love about an early-1920's set of pajamas??  Even here, the famous drop-waist à la 1920's is a focal point and don't we all now want to run out for stockings we can roll just under our knees (in lieu of garters) for this one?!

Pattern has 12 pieces and the trousers are cut with front and back in one, either ankle or half-length.


Another early 20's style, this attracted me for the knickers which go under the dress.  While I do have a 1920's ladies' knickers pattern (in a good, large size even) it is sadly missing the instructions and seeing that these are somewhat sought after, figured it couldn't hurt to offer a day dress style as they go with.  

This is the type of day dress I have photos of my grandmother (2nd in from right, her sister at far left) and her friends kicking around together in 1923!

Pattern has 11 pieces - I see one wearing the knickers with a blouse of the time as they are complete with a waistband.  The dress is cut with long or shorter sleeves and collar or sans collar.

1930's Beach Pajamas were so popular the summer of '16, I don't see that tendency fading anytime soon.  So why not 1930's pajamas (with or without an Eton jacket) for the purpose by today's standard?  

This is an 8-piece pattern.  The tie sashes thread through openings at each side seam to tie in back (just darling) and the circumference of each leg for size 16 (34" bust) is a whopping 1-3/4 yards!

I cannot yet say when these will be available in multiple sizes, yet you know I will keep all posted here.

As well, I am not in a position to take on more offerings of patterns the rest of this year.  I have SUCH a line up and it would take something really exceptional or something for which I have searched years to come along for me to take any more on at this point.  So on that note, don't be shy about e-mailing me if you have something you think ought to be shared in exchange for anything on my site or the size you need the pattern you send me in return.  As routine practice, I return your original to you along with what you want in exchange for my availing it from my collection.  That is, unless it is an original you want to give up altogether (that is not a requirement by any means).



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  • Alyssa on

    I can’t believe I never noticed those knickers! I’ll have to consider making a pair when it comes back to me.

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